Minimally Invasive Services & Procedures

Interventional radiology procedures use image guidance, eliminating the need for open surgery. These non-surgical solutions reduce cost, post operative pain, and time away from work and family.


Comprehensive Vein Care

Arterial Interventions


Interventional Oncology

  • Freezing or burning of tumors through pinhole incisions
  • Whole liver treatments for tumors spread to the liver with targeted chemotherapy beads or radiation beads
  • Drainage of fluid around lung or in stomach
  • Port-a-cath placement


Women’s Procedures



Men’s Procedures


Spine Interventions


  • Vertebral augmentation for compression fractures
  • Medication to build bones for osteoporosis


General Interventional Radiology Procedures

  • Diagnostic vascular imaging
  • Vascular access (Special IVs)
  • Drainage of livers, kidneys, abscess infection
  • Adrenal vein sampling
  • Placement of gastrostomy tubes for feeding or draining the stomach