About Minimally Invasive Treatment Specialists

Denver’s leading experts in minimally invasive treatments

Specializing in using image-guided techniques to treat patients safely with less pain and rapid recovery.

Our vision is to improve the health and quality of life of our patients through cost-effective and evidence-based minimally invasive treatments in a caring and friendly environment.

The MIPS Advantage

At MIPS, our interventional radiologists are board certified, fellowship trained, with specialty training in both radiology and minimally invasive image-guided procedures. We offer comprehensive care and solve patient’s problems without open surgery in a safe and friendly environment. We treat our patients like family and hope they enjoy our personalized approach to each individual’s care.

Our radiologists are internationally renowned in their areas of specialty and provide interventional radiology using state-of-the-art, proven procedures. We take great pride in working as a team to get each patient to the doctor best suited to meet their needs.

Our physicians perform procedures for many disease types and organ systems using image guidance through an incision the size of an IV.

Our physicians and NPs are passionate about discovering often undiagnosed venous causes of pelvic pain and offering treatments that are less invasive than the surgeries most of them have experienced without relief.

We partner with Mayo clinic in research to better understand options for treating chronic pelvic pain which affects 20 % of women. We save limbs using a highly specialized skill set to reopen blocked arteries in the legs that cause pain and wounds.

We restore hope by carefully listening to our patients and interpreting complex imaging to find problems often missed in the past. We include you in the team and empower you with knowledge and understanding.

We restore confidence in healthcare through a cohesive team approach led by our world-renowned CEO.