Radiation Oncologists in Highlands Ranch, CO

Radiation oncology is a type of cancer care performed by our team of expert interventional radiologists at Minimally Invasive Treatment Specialists. Interventional oncology is precisely used to target cancer and/or the pain it causes. This procedure is generally used for cancer patients who cannot be treated with surgery or chemotherapy.

Our interventional radiologists provide minimally invasive treatment of a variety of cancers using precise, image guidance (CT, live X-ray or ultrasound). Treatment includes:

  • Freezing or burning of tumors
  • Whole liver treatments for tumors
  • Pain management as a result of cancer-related complications
  • Y90 Radioembolization
  • Port Placement

Generally speaking, recovery after an interventional oncology procedure is quick. Most patients who schedule an appointment with the MIPS Center are outpatients and require a one-night hospital stay.

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